It’s that time of year – friends and relatives are traveling to beautiful AZ for weddings and holidays – and Spring tourist-mania is just around the corner.   We have some great tips to help your loved ones get here safe and comfortably, and some great finds for staying here in style!

First, a scary story just in time for Halloween…

We recently had a bridesmaid come to Twirl in a complete panic.  She just arrived in AZ, and the airline lost her luggage.  Even more horrifying, (are you sitting down?) her bridesmaid dress was in her suitcase!!  Luckily, it was the same color as the sample in our store.  We gave her our sample, and called our seamstress immediately for alterations.  Just as she was about to hem the dress, the airport called – her suitcase had finally arrived! 


Heed this story, and consider some other packing tips..


 AZ Packing Necessities…

·        Wedding attire (bridesmaid dress, tux, etc.) – Again, DO NOT PACK THESE!!  When asked nicely, flight attendants will usually hang these items for you.

·        Long pants and a light jacket – winter clothes in the cold months.  Many visitors who come to AZ (especially from colder cities) often forget that in can get chilly here too – it’s not Hawaii.  J 

·        SUNSCREEN – it’s fun for us locals to spot the bright red tourist train, but help your people out so they avoid an uncomfortable, and silly looking, lobster fest.

·        Bathing Suits

·        Trail or Hiking Shoes 

Keri’s REI Favorites

Where To Stay

·        We found a fantastic local vacation rental company – Westbrook Vacation Rentals.  These houses and condos are so fabulous, we want to rent one just for fun!  This is a great alternative to hotels, and may allow several family members to stay together under one comfy and stylish roof.









Other Local Favorites…

o       Firesky

o       Sanctuary

o       Royal Palms

o       Mondrian

o       Valley Ho


Keri and Jenni