Always a bridesmaid, never a bride?  Good  for you.  Not what you were expecting to hear, I’m sure, but let’s face it – you’re a  rock star.  If you’ve been in so many weddings that you could have starred in 27 Dresses, it means one thing – you are an amazing, giving, exceptional person.  It means you are a loyal friend, sister, cousin, sister-in-law-to-be, or co-worker.   

If you haven’t found the right guy to spend the rest of your life with, yet you keep making it down the aisle to stand up for someone else’s wedding, embrace the honor of it.  It surely doesn’t mean you’re a loser who can’t get a date.  If all these girls in your life think you’re worthy of being by their sides for the most important day in their lives, it’s going to take one cool dude to sweep you off your feet. 

Several years ago, when I hit bridesmaid stint number eight, I was single with no man in sight.  I had one solid day where I had a little pity party, letting myself think things like, “There are no men left on this planet”, “I’m going to be one of those old ladies with cats everywhere.”  I sounded like Eeyore – it was not my best moment.  When I recovered from  my day-0-pity, I had four messages on my phone from girlfriends.  Not exciting messages, just your everyday stuff.  But listening to those made me realize that I wasted a whole day feeling sorry for myself when I’m a sincerely lucky person to have something that no man can top: girlfriends.

So to all you serial bridesmaids, remember this – you are simply a killer friend.  And trust me, after you go awhile without being in a wedding, you’ll start wishing another girlfriend would hurry up and get married so that you can do it all over again.