Brides at Twirl tell me all the time that the color they want for their bridesmaid dresses is either their or their fiance’s favorite color. The color scheme of a wedding is very important. It sets the tone and is the theme from the very beginning.  It is what is used in your save the dates, invitations, bridesmaid dresses, linens, and more.  We cannot forget the character Shelby in Steal Magnolias when she said, “Pink is my signature color.”


I was so excited once I was engaged to begin imagining and planning my dream wedding.  I wanted all of my favorites to be involved:  a desert backdrop, daisies, and of course my favorite color yellow!  It was my idea of the perfect “Jenni and Jace wedding”.


It was perfect until I began telling my bridesmaids that I wanted them to wear yellow dresses.  The response I got was not what I was expecting.  Everyone told me how they thought they would look horrible and washed out.  It didn’t stop there.  I began hearing complaints of how they would not wear strapless because they didn’t like their arms showing.  Being the people pleaser that I am, I decided to make them happy and gave them everything that they wanted. 


I ended up with blue dresses, and hydrangeas.  This was still pretty, but it wasn’t my dream or what I had envisioned at all.  I am getting ready to celebrate my ninth wedding anniversary this May, and to this day I think about my yellow wedding that never happened! 


So, I plead to every bridesmaid out there – Be supportive of your bride’s choices.  Be the friend or sister who helps her create, not break, her vision.  Be the one who helps her dream or “signature” wedding come true.