Acronymns – I hate them.  In this business, though, I’ve had to learn to embrace these little shortenings of bridal party identifiers and accept them as a part of the wedding world.  If you are a seasoned bridesmaid, you likely know all of these.  For those of you newer to the bridesmaid scene, though, it can get confusing when people start throwing around these abbreviations in talking about your friends and family.  So here is the rundown of bridal acronyms…

BM: Bridesmaid

MOH: Maid (or Matron) of Honor

JRBM: Junior Bridesmaid (the “tweens”)

FG: Flower Girl

MOB: Mother of the Bride

FOB: Father of the Bride

MOG: Mother of the Groom

FOG: Father of the Groom

GM: Groomsman

RB: Ringbearer

BZ: Bridezilla (these are actually rare – they can be found on the WeTV channel, though).


Just another notch in your pocket of wedding  knowledge.