The trend of picking different dress styles for your bridesmaids is still popular.  However, we are seeing a big comeback of brides wanting all of their maids to be in the same dress.  Putting your girls in the same style is not as difficult as you might think.  So, what is the best silhouette or dress style for girls who have varying body types?


When I tell girls at Twirl the answer I usually get a stunned response.  They don’t believe me at first.  But when we have seen thousands of girls try on many different styles over the years, we can tell you with confidence what works and what does not.  The best way to look at the silhouette is to take into account the three areas that will get measured.  Those three areas are your bust, waist, and hips.


First and foremost, let’s address the bust! Most often girls will think that their busty maids will look best in a v-neck or halter and want to stay away from a strapless.  In fact, it is the opposite.  The reason being, a v-neck or halter lends to showing and creating more cleavage, not hiding it.  Instead, go for a strapless dress that is cut straight-across, or a slightly modified sweatheart.  This is the most flattering and the “girls” are tucked away nicely.  And for those who need or want more support you can always add straps. 


Next we have the waist.  Some girls look great in a natural waist dress where the accent is on the smallest part of their body.  However we are not talking about “some” girls.  We are talking about what is best for every girl.  The best option then is an empire waist dress.  And let’s be real.  It is a more comfortable option that allows plenty of room for eating, drinking and dancing all night long.  This is a high priority for most of our Twirl bridesmaids. 


Lastly we have the hips.  I cannot tell you how many times, when I’m taking someone’s measurements, I hear (in a sarcastic tone of course), “This is my favorite part.”  If only we could embrace our buns like the men do in our lives.  But that is an entirely different blog.  The best style for a range of different size hips is A-line.  For this area, you also want to take into consideration the fabric you are choosing.  For example, a clingy charmeuse is one to stay away from.  Instead choose some of the more sturdy fabrics like raw silk, a well-lined satin, or taffeta.  Or if you like the flowy look, then opt for a pleated chiffon style.


So there you have it. Your best silhouette for all body types is simply this: Straight across strapless (option of adding straps), empire waist, A-line, in a forgiving fabric.   If your vision is to have your ladies in the same style no need to fret.  Grab your maids and go shopping with confidence knowing all of your girls will look amazing.







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