With my first baby due in about 4 weeks, I’ve never before been so empathetic to all the brave ladies out there who will be walking down the aisle as a pregnant or barely post-pregnant bridesmaid.  I hear you – it’s not the most ideal time your life to strut your stuff in front of a bunch of people and not even be able to get through it with some champagne.  As always, though, you are a loyal friend and will do it with a smile…and maybe a big belly.  🙂

Luckily, 70-80% of our bridal parties have a gal who is trying to get pregnant, will be pregnant at the wedding, or is pregnant when ordering yet hoping to back to her normal size at the time of the wedding.  Basically, we work with these situations all of the time, so it’s not usually as stressful as it may seem.

A few things to be aware of when you are in the prego-bm situation:

First, sizing will be a guessing game and you have to know that you will spend more on alterations because of this.  Oh, and sizing is the worst part!!  Stepping on your doctor’s heavily-weighed scale is bad enough.  Be prepared when you have to take those measurements.  I took mine at 7 months for a customer who lived in another state to try and help her figure out sizing and I nearly had a meltdown. 

Second (and this is especially for first-time preggers girls), your body WILL change….everywhere.  Guess big, and have the dress taken in if you still have a lot of room.  You simply cannot predict the changes you will see in all of your measurements. 

Third, communicate with your bride!  I cannot tell you how many pregnany secrets we’ve had to keep at Twirl.  Your bride is either a family member or one of your closest friends.  Be honest with her about your situation so that she is aware when shopping for styles.  There are so many options out there for maternity dresses, or styles that are prego-friendly.  This doesn’t mean you should cause her entire plan to change, but you can at least talk about options. 

Lastly, communicate with your dress vendor.  We are here to help, and many designers offer special rush options for pregnant women.  Yes, they may charge you for it, but it’s worth the peace of mind.  If you unexpectedly get pregnant after your dress is ordered, we can usually help by ordering extra fabric or getting creative – turn to us!

The bottom line is that, though it may not be the ideal time to be on bridesmaid duty, you can make it work and still look and feel like your fabulous self.  Everyone else gives you a break when you’re pregnant – give yourself one too and just embrace the sitution and enjoy the wedding.