I just got a phone call from a MOB with this very question, and it made me realize that we get this inquiry a lot…What are the best fabrics for bridesmaids dresses in the summer months? 

The rule of thumb for summer bridesmaid dresses is to first stick with styles that don’t cover too much of the body.   With that said, choosing fabrics that are more flowing  is the best rule of thumb.  Some of these include chiffon, eastern silk shantung, satin yoryu, silk charmeuse, and tissue taffeta. 

Sweat marks?  I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but if you sweat, yes, it’s going to show on your dress unless it’s dark navy or black.  I wish there was a way around that, but there is no formal dress fabric that is a sweat repellent.  My advice – if the glands are flowing when you have your bridesmaid dress on, stick a tissue underneath each arm until the photos, and obviously the wedding, begin.  And buy some clinical strength deodorant.

Wrinkle-free fabric?  Again, I am the bearer of bad news here.  Many bridesmaid dresses are made of silk fabric, or a silk-poly blend.  I love silk fabrics!  Silk is beautiful, breathable, and comfortable.  It does, however, wrinkle.   The solution?  Make sure someone will have a travel steamer at the venue where you will be getting dressed.  After you have your dress on, avoid sitting down until the reception.  It may seem like a long time, but just focus on how relaxing it will be once you get to the reception and settle down with a chilled glass of champagne.





Here are some of my favorites for summer weddings…

Madison dress by Thread

Style 1507 by VineyardStyle 1507 by Vineyard

Marni dress by Jenny YooMarni dress by Jenny Yoo

Style 5904 by Jim HjelmStyle 5904 by Jim Hjelm