You dread them or love them.  I think it depends on how many you’ve attended.  Either way, as a bridesmaid, you will be a part of throwing a shower for your bride.  So have fun with it and be creative.  Another boring Sunday bridal shower at Aunt Verna’s house is a thing of the past.  Here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing…

-Have the bridal shower the morning of the bachelorette party if you are all staying at a hotel or resort.  This is especially a great idea if you have friends who live out-of-town.  It allows them to be able to fly in for both of these events at once.  My girlfriends did this for my shower/bachelorette weekend at Fire Sky Resort in Scottsdale.  We had a shower/brunch in the morning, then everyone laid by the pool and/or enjoyed the spa.  Later that night, we sent the moms and aunts packing, and had our bachelorette celebration.

– Throw a cocktail party and have guests dress up.   You could even choose a theme, like the 50’s or 60’s, or a theme that relates to your bride or to her wedding.

-Do a bridal ‘tea’ at a chic hotel, like this one at the Ritz by Outstanding Occasions Event Planning.





– You’ll want to ask the bride what type of shower she wants – personal, registry, etc.  A personal shower means lots of fun lingerie, etc.  A registry shower means she would rather have gifts off her bridal registry.  If she doesn’t have a preference, you can just leave it open.  Some brides are very particular about what they want, though, so make sure to ask.

Shower On a Budget 

It takes more time an effort to throw a shower on a budget, but if you get enough girls involved and plan ahead, you can throw an amazing bridal shower for a lot less.  Trust me, after being a bridesmaid 10 times, I’ve become very resourceful.  Here are some money saving tips…

-Buy pre-made invites that you run through your printer like these by Kelly Ashworth Designs.

– Make your own invitations using Vista Print or Smile Box.  You can print on your own computer, and cut them with a paper cutter.  By adding a second layer of paper with double-sided tape, you’ll give your invites a more professional look.  Same thing goes for menus if you’re having place settings.

-Plan a menu that uses a lot of the same ingredients, and choose foods that are filling so that you can make less.  You’ll need an experienced cook in the group – this will be easy for her to create.  Veggie platters and dips are so easy to make on your own.  Don’t take the easy way out and buy the pre-packaged platters.  Plus, fresh-cut vegetables look and taste better.

-Throw the shower at a “non-meal” time of day.  This way, guests will not expect to be fed breakfast, lunch, or dinner, but you can still have some fun finger foods available.

-If the party is at a private home, save on alcohol by making Sangria or a Rum Punch.   Mimosas and Bellinis are inexpensive as well because you’re using small amounts of champagne in each glass (well, unless you have a lush in the group).

In the end, the shower is a big deal to the bride, so if you work to make it meaningful and personal to her, you can’t go wrong.  Shower on, ladies!