My favorite!  Bachelorette parties are traditionally a time for your bride and all of her girls to let loose and have one last night of craziness before her big day. 

I absolutely loved my bachelorette party – I was 35 when I got married, so I wanted to do something a little different, didn’t want to run around to all the bars I’d been partying at for the past 10 years, and am a bit grossed out by greasy male strippers. 

Everyone has different tastes, so I am in no way debunking you ladies who want to tear up the town – I’m just telling the story of my bachelorette party to offer another option for the brides looking to do something different.

Instead of doing the typical bar scene, limo, and wearing a crazy veil and Lifesavers all over my shirt,  my friends and I started my bachelorette party by enjoying a day at Firesky Resort.  This doesn’t mean everyone had to drop tons of cash, so read on…

After being in so many weddings, and having no money when I was in most of them, I wanted to make sure that my girlfriends had options.  My bridal party and I booked a suite for one night, and I left it open as an option for everyone else.

 During the day, we laid by the pool and had cocktails, and some of us went to the spa.  Then everyone parted ways and either went to our room, their room, or home to rest and get ready for the evening.

We had cocktails and snacks in our room, and the girls surprised me with some pretty hilarious gifts.  Then we were off to dinner at a restaurant nearby.  Fortunately for us, we had two pregnant girls who were designated drivers, but I also made sure the restaurant was only a $5 cab ride away from the hotel. 

We had a blast at dinner, then went out for about an hour, but the fun truly took place back at the hotel.  I mentionded earlier that the girls got me some pretty hilarious gifts – one of them was a stripper pole!  Let me tell you – after several cocktails I thought I could pull off some pro moves.  We all were in our pajamas taking turns (yes there are photos, but I will not be showing them).  It was honestly my favorite part of the night b/c we were laughing so hard at each other, and we were all able to just be ourselves (well, our inibriated selves).

All in all, it was a day that everyone enjoyed.  Some splurged, but some just paid for dinner, which made me feel better about the party as well.  And since we already had the suite, anyone who couldn’t drive home by the end of the night just crashed with us. 

So take it or leave it, but feel free to steal this party for your bride as well!