For those who have a fear of speaking, the Maid of Honor speech at a wedding can be the one job you are not looking forward to. If you are like me, visions of speaking in front of your peers/teachers in high school and college, all come flooding back along with feeling like you might throw-up.

We have all been told how to get over the anxiety of public speaking; picture everyone in their underwear. I’m not sure about you, but since that has never worked for me, here are some tips that might help you write an excellent speech and ease your worry.

1. Have a brainstorming session and write down ideas/words about your relationship with the bride.  Include ideas/words about the bride’s relationship with the groom.

2. Decide what emotion you want to convey in your speech. Do you want it to be heartfelt and leave everyone in tears? Do you want to have people laughing and falling off their chairs? Maybe you want it to be a little of both?

3. Make sure the speech focuses on the bride and her groom. I was just at a wedding where the Best Man compared his love life to theirs. It was a little weird and left me thinking “you are not the one getting married.”

4. Include personal stories that would be interesting for everyone to hear. 

5. Give congrats, thanks, and best wishes.

6.  If you absolutely cannot think of anything to write, I found this fill-in the blank online speech on a website called Aragia.  I’m not a huge fan of this option, but it may even help to just give you some ideas.


Speeches at weddings are one of my favorite things. During the toast take a look around at the bride, groom, family and friends. The room exudes love. Whatever you end up saying, if will be perfect as long as it comes from your heart.

I’ve included a little of my very own MOH speech below just for fun. This one was for my sister:

Shelli first ran away from home when she was about 5 years old. She asked me not to tell mom, took a couple of stuffed animals and left to the playhouse.  Of course I went right to my mom and told on her.  The next time she ran away was a year later and this time she had planned ahead.  She had her stuffed animals and a card for me to open at Christmas since she wouldn’t be able to make it that year. I  went and told my mom she could find Shelli at the palm tree but not go look because she ran away.  Shelli continued to run and search for whatever it was she was looking for throughout high school and her adult life.  She upgraded from the playhouse and palm tree and studied in Germany twice and lived in San Diego.  I could not understand why she was always leaving until now.  She has been searching for her hopes, her dreams, and her future.  Her search is finally over because everything she has been looking for she has found in Gez.  She has run straight into his open arms and is finally home.