Bridesmaid dresses are made with hidden zippers so you do not see them, and instead focus on the beauty of the dress style and fabric.  As nice as it looks it can at times be a challenge to get them up.  This happens especially if your dress has ruching right around or at the zipper. 


Here are some tips/secrets we have found that will help.  We recommend to our girls that they bring all or one of these items on the big day just in case.  It is always best to be prepared!


1.     Bar of soap (dry not wet)

2.     Chalk

3.     Zipper Wax (hint: don’t do what I did and try to find it yourself.  You will end up walking around Joanne’s Fabrics for an eternity.  Ask a salesperson)

4.     Two girlfriends (one holds the dress together while the other uses her mighty strength to pull up the zipper)


When using the soap, chalk, or zipper wax, make sure you place them on the teeth of the zipper, not the fabric of the dress.  When using a friend’s help don’t be afraid to be forceful, but at the same time use caution and care while pulling it up.  It never hurts to do some practice runs before the wedding as well (with the dress off of you) – it should help to break in the zipper.


Now that you are equipped with these tips we hope the wedding day will run just as smoothly as your bridesmaid dress zipper.