I feel like every time I’ve been in a wedding, I leave my house  feeling that I forgot something important (which, if you know me, I do on a regular basis anyway).  On the day your pulling bridesmaid duty, though, you don’t want to have this worry.  Here is a Top Ten list to help you arrive with all your BM tools.  Okay, so there are more than 10 items, but humor me…”Top 20-something” doesn’t have a ring to it.  The first items are obvious, but trust me,  are still easy to forget when you’re running around trying to get your frazzled self out the door.

1. Dress/Shoes/Jewelry

2. Spanx/Undergarments (SEAMLESS panties only!  And don’t pull a Britney or Paris and go commando…you don’t want to be that girl at the wedding).

3. Touch-up concealer, powder, and gloss (if you are having your make-up professionally done.  If not, bring your whole arsenol).

4.  Breath mints (no gum)

5.  Hollywood Fashion Tape, safety pins (yes, yours or another girl’s zipper may break – even the bride’s.  Safety pins are crucial to have on hand when the unexpected happens).

6.  Pen and notepad – the bride will undoubtedly have last minute errands or duties for her bridesmaids.

7.  Hand steamer – dresses wrinkle, especially when traveling.  Be the hero BM and show up with your handy travel steamer to let everyone get any last minute wrinkles out.

8.  Camera (with the battery charged). 

9.  Pain reliever, antacid, Band-Aids

10.  Change of clothes/shoes (in case the party continues and you’re over wearing your dress and heels).

I’m sure there are a million other things, but to me, these are the most important.   Start with this list, and add to it for your own event – you will be one step ahead and more likely to show up prepared and relaxed.