It’s the same every year in Arizona – we’re bragging about our amazing weather all through March and April, then like a train out of nowhere, the unbearable heat hits us without warning.  My husband bought new patio furniture about a month ago, and I have so enjoyed going in our backyard to enjoy my morning coffee – until this week.  I tried to suffer through it, but I was sweating and eyeing the pool by 9:00am.  Ugh! 

I surely don’t envy you girls who are on bridesmaid duty in Arizona this month – and there are a lot of outdoor May weddings coming up in the next few weeks.  Here are some tips for making the heat a little more bearable…

1) Bring a cooler with ice packs.  You can take this with you while all the outdoor photos are being taken.  An ice pack on the back of the neck, feet, and wrists can provide relief.

2) Stay inside in the air conditioning until you absolutely have to go outside -this seem obvious, but there are so many bridal parties who suffer through standing around in the heat when they could run indoors to escape for a couple minutes.

3)  Take your heels off unless there are photos being taken.  Wearing spa sandals will keep your feet cooler – and your feet won’t sweat like they would in regular flip flops.

4) Drink water!  Throw a bunch in the cooler with your ice packs.  Skip the champagne until later – it will just make you feel tired in the heat.

5)  Bring umbrellas for the bridal party – if you have to stand in the heat, these can provide shade.

If the wedding is outside, you’ll have to suffer through it, but it won’t be as bad if you’ve taken care to stay cool before the ceremony. keri_sig[1]