Bottom line, ladies – don’t ever claim this title!  I had not planned to blog on this topic until I heard a story from one of my girlfriends in Seattle the other day.  I figured keeping it cool on the drinking when you’re in a wedding was common sense…apparently not for everyone.

My girlfriend went to a wedding last week where one of the bridesmaid THREW UP on the dance floor.  I’m not kidding – this happened.  I can only imagine how mortified the bride felt as her family and friends had to witness this.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy some good partying at weddings, but you must know when to cut yourself off. 

How can you make sure this doesn’t happen to you?  Follow these common sense tips…

1) Eat your dinner….the bride and groom paid good money for  your meal, so clean your plate.

2) Have a drink of water between cocktails

3) Say NO to the shots…if you feel forced into doing a ‘group’ shot, use Jenni’s trick and toss it over your shoulder (only if outside), or shoot it into the garbage can while everyone else is taking theirs. 

4) If you’re feeling tipsy, stay off the dance floor.  I’m no doctor, but there is something about jumping around and getting your heart rate up that seems to intensify a drunken state.

5) Use the buddy system…bridesmaids should have each others’ backs.  Agree to watch out for each other, and give permission (before the drinking begins) to cut each other off if necessary.  Of course, make sure you’re watching out for your bride as well…it’s easy for brides to skip eating because they’re busy with guests, so they tend to get tipsy quickly.

Remember, there are photos being taken constantly, so keep it classy with the drinking.  🙂