You thought the dress was hard to choose – what about the shoes?  Gone (hopefully) are the days of dyeing shoes to match bridesmaid dresses.  I can’t tell you how much money I wasted on  dyeable shoes back in the 90’s.  Yes, the shoes were cheap, but after paying to dye them and buying inserts so that they were remotely comfortable, it was a big waste of money since every pair went directly into the trash after the wedding.

If doing black dresses, obviously black shoes are easy.  But only a handful of bridal parties wear black dresses each season.  At Twirl, we’re big fans of choosing silver, gold, or bronze shoes.  We use Blue Tux Shoes because the bride can choose silver/gold/bronze, then each member of the bridal party can choose the style she likes. 

Getting married on grass?  Make sure to wear a wedge – the last thing you want to worry about is your heel sinking into the grass.  If that happens while you’re walking down the aisle, don’t be surprised if you eat it and end up on YouTube.  Even if you don’t stumble, the balls of your feet will suffer from creatively trying to balance. 

A lot of girls as us if it’s okay to go barefoot if the wedding is on the beach.  We say go for it!  If you wear flip flops, you will likely kick sand up your back (which will probably go right down your dress).  Not comfortable.  There’s nothing like being barefoot on the beach, so if your bride is up for it – save your money and take advantage of the natural foot exfoliation.  Afterwards, you could all wear matching custom flip flops from somewhere like J*Flops.

Hate heels or don’t need them because you are the lucky girl?  You’re going to have to talk to your bride about this one.  There are some really cute flats out there these days, but some brides are anti-flats, so make sure to discuss your options with bride.  Try Zappos for a nice variety of colors and styles.

Start shopping now to make sure your feet are happy!