One of my favorite gifts, for any occasion, is a great book.  For the most part, everyone knows to turn to Martha Stewart and The Knot for ideas and planning.  However, if you’re looking for a unique and sometimes off-beat read for your bride, Chronicle books is my favorite publisher because they always come out with new and creative titles (along with the mainstays).  Here are a few to try (click on the book to read more):

 This is for the bride who could use some tips for relaxing and taking some deep breaths.

 Cute and useful – reminds the happy couple to stay connected during the craziness of wedding planning.

 For the girl who likes to do things her own way…

 and wants to bend the rules a little – there is real help in this book approached with humor.

It seems like we’re always looking for that extra something to give to the bride – a book is the perfect add-on to another shower gift.  It shows you put some thought into it (you don’t have to tell her I gave you the idea).  🙂