It’s summer, and that means it’s time to get a tan – especially if you are going to be on bridesmaid duty.  If you have a full two weeks to bask by the pool before the wedding you’re in, then I hate you.  🙂  If you’re like the rest of us and have a job that takes you away from hanging poolside with the cabana boy serving frosty drinks to you, there are other ways to fake that fresh-tanned look.

If you’re like me, and have very little extra time on your hands, you need a tanning solution that’s quick and effortless.  I think I have tried every tanning product under the sun, have done the tanning bed thing, and have taken a whirl with spray tanning as well.  In the end, the solution is at the drugstore, of all places.  I used to use the more expensive Tan Towel, but I’m telling you the L’Oreal Tan Towelettes work just as well, and are only about $10 for a box of five.  Jenni asked me one day where to find the Tan Towels, and she found these at the drugstore.  We both tried them and are hooked!

Just like any other tanning product, you have to be careful because you can easily end up with streaks and dark spots.  The trick is to wash your hands really well after using the towelette, then apply lotion all over to blend in the tanning solution.   And yes, they still make you smell – so use one before bed, then you can shower off the smell the next morning. 

Practice before the wedding you are in (you can afford it with how cheap these are)….never try a tanning product for the first time right before you’re about to strut yourself down the aisle and be photographed.  It takes several days, not scrubbing, for tanning mishaps to disappear.