Your girlfriend (or sister, etc.) asked you to be in her wedding, and you both were all smiles and hugs and visions of happiness.  And now, months later, your cheerful and pleasant bride has gone a little nutty.  Sound familiar? 


One of the main reasons brides get stressed out and show Zilla-like behaviors is that they have taken their already busy lives and added an overflowing to-do list that happens to matter more to them than anything they’ve ever taken on.

This is where you have to remember that you’re not just a pretty face standing by the bride on her wedding day.   Being a bridesmaid means helping to ensure that your bride’s entire wedding experience is as stress free as possible.  If your bride isn’t delegating duties to you and your fellow bridesmaids, step in and help her.  Not everyone has an easy time asking for help, so don’t assume she’s got it all handled.

I speak from experience – when I got married a couple years ago, everyone offered to help.  My stubborn self still had a hard time actually delegating what needed to be done and I ended up having a complete meltdown when we were getting in the car to head to California for our wedding weekend.  Fortunately, I married a very patient guy, my family and bridesmaids jumped right in, and it all ended up fine.  I was simply overwhelmed because I took on too much.

There are so many little details that go into creating, and pulling off, a fabulous wedding.   Be specific when you tell your bride that you want to help, and assist her in delegating duties.  Listed below are tasks you can help with, and can delegate to other BM’s as well… 

1.  Making sure the bridal party is on task with getting their dress orders in, shoes, etc.

2.  Addressing invites, licking envelopes, and taking them to the post-office

3.  Collecting items for, and assembling, guest gift bags

4.  Calling guests who haven’t replied by the deadline

5.  Running errands the week of, and day of, the wedding

6.  Returning items to vendors after the wedding

7.  Picking up/dropping off the guys’ tuxedos (this would be good to delegate to a responsible groomsman)

8.  Assembling wedding favors (you can also help with brainstorming creative ideas for favors)

9.  Help the bride and groom with the seating chart

10.  Deliver the tip envelopes to vendors before or just after the wedding

Most importantly, practice patience and remember that any crazy behavior is usually temporary.  Having her bridesmaids to lean on and ease the stress is something your bride will remember because you will have helped to make her wedding day everything she dreamed it to be.