Before I owned Twirl, I knew very little about fabrics and even had to ask one of our designers how to pronounce Dupioni (du-pee-o-ni, by the way).  It got me thinking that most bridesmaids out there are probably the same – it’s why everyone is so nervous about caring for their dresses.  So I’m here to ease your mind with some tips for caring for a bridesmaid dress, along with the big no-no’s.

General Care

Hang in a dry place and leave your dress bag on for protection

Hang long dresses up high so that the bottom isn’t sitting on the floor

Always use care when zipping your dress.  Many bridesmaid dress fabrics are delicate and can be damaged if a zipper is twisted or yanked.  Have someone else zip your dress for you – if your hand is twisted to get the zipper in the back, you are likely twisting the actual zipper and could break it.


Though your dress has likely been pressed for you when you pick it up, it easily can get wrinkled again when traveling in a car or being smooshed with other clothes in your closest.  And if you had to have your dress shipped to you, it’s definitely going to need to be pressed again.  Either way, it’s best to press your dress the day of the wedding after the dress is all done with its travels and closet time. 

Fabrics safe to iron:  Raw silk, all taffetas, satin, dress linings (except silk charmeuse).

Rules to ironing: 

1.  Make sure your iron is clean….this may sound strange, but I once had a few splashes of BBQ sauce on my iron at home that had been sitting on my kitchen sink.  Let’s just say it didn’t go very well for my white shirt that day.

2.  Always start the iron on a low setting.  You can turn it up little by little if it’s not getting the wrinkles out.  If the iron starts to feel “sticky” on the fabric, you have it turned up too hot.

3.  Iron the lining and the dress separately to be most effective.


Simply put – DRY CLEAN ONLY. 

If you get a stain on your dress, don’t touch it!  Take it to the cleaners 100% of the time….and not the $2.25 cleaners.

True story – we had a bridesmaid bring her raw silk dress in last year after taking it to the bargain cleaners, who obviously washed it.  It was completely ruined, and ended up costing her a lot more than it would have to take it to a quality cleaners in the first place.  If you live around here, that quality place is Prestige Cleaners on Shea/Scottsdale Road.