When my sister planned her wedding the trend to let your bridesmaids choose their own style of dress was just starting.  She was a bride who wanted to make all of her girl’s happy and make the process as easy as possible.  So our instructions were to find a dress we wanted in any shade of purple.  Easy enough, we all thought.  What ended up happening however, was the opposite.  All of us bridesmaids had to coordinate with one another to make sure we didn’t wear the same style, or if we wore the same style, not the same color and so on.  Honestly it was a bit confusing and difficult to manage which was exactly what my sister did not want.  The end result however, looked beautiful, and this trend is here to stay. If you want your girl’s to shine in a style they love, below are some different ideas and tips to get exactly the look you are hoping for.

1.   Choose one dress shop for all the girl’s to go to.  Let the bridal party consultants do all the work.  At Twirl we help create your vision and make sure the girl’s don’t have to keep track of anything. 

 2.   Narrow it down to one designer, one fabric, one length, and one color.  This keeps the process as simple as possible and creates a look of different styles while at the same time upholds the consistency of all the other variables.



 3.   Shop before your girls and choose styles ahead of time.  There are several ways to go about it from here:         

  • Pick a style of dress and assign one to each girl. If you are someone who is great at knowing what looks great on each of your girl’s this will be easy for you.  My sister can always pick out what I like when we go shopping together – sometimes better than me!


  • Pick several (usually 3 is enough) different styles and let your girl’s choose.  You might end up with more girls in one style than the others and will need to be ok with that look.


  • Pick several different styles and ask your girl’s to rate their top three.  You can then assign each girl to be in a different style – no two girls alike.  Some may not get their top choice but you have picked out cute styles that everyone loves so it shouldn’t be a big deal .


4.  Choose a shade of color and let your girls have free reign.  Let them know it doesn’t matter if they are in the same style, not the same style, fabric or lengths.  They can do whatever they want. 



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