I found another venue treasure: Stonebridge Manor.

Yes, it actually looks that fabulous. The Victorian look this venue has isn’t something that is often found in Arizona. Stonebridge Manor has many different ways to make each wedding unique. You can do a front yard ceremony with the reception in the ballroom or on the front patio, or you can do a backyard ceremony with the reception in a gorgeous tent. Those are just two of the more popular layouts a bride and groom have to choose from.

Aside from looking beautiful during the day, the entire manor is covered with white lights that look amazing @ night fall.

When it comes to bridesmaid dresses for this venue, I really feel that all colors and styles can work. I personally like the idea of short, bright-colored dresses for a spring wedding and long, very romantic dresses for a fall wedding. This venue really can capture the exact look the bride and groom are looking for.

I love love love this venue and I feel that all engaged couples should at least go take a tour. Happy Wedding venue hunting!!

xoxo *Angela