With many weddings taking place in the fall or at an outside venue, let’s face it, fashionable bridesmaid dresses don’t always offer up the most warmth. The last thing you want to do is freeze in your strapless dress. Even in Arizona this can happen.  I remember my best friend’s wedding in Sedona during October we were all caught empty handed, freezing, once the sun went down.  We ended up wearing our guy’s suit jackets.  Not exactly the cutest alternative.

A way to avoid looking like a man and instead be fashionable/warm at the same time is to add a coordinating wrap.  I got married at the Desert Botanical Gardens and decided at the last minute to purchase wraps for all of my bridesmaids as gifts.  I was so thankful I did as everyone had the option to warm up a bit if necessary.  They even became a part of some really great dance moves as the night went on. 😉 

Many bridesmaid dress designers offer wraps in several fabric options, typically in chiffon, satin, or charmeuse.  If the fabric or color of your choice is not available as a wrap you can always order fabric then have it made.  Or, one of my favorite ideas is to go with a pashmina.  I pretty much take one to every wedding I attend.


After you choose your bridesmaid dress, keep in mind the venue and time of your wedding.  Don’t forget this important accessory and be left in the cold.