Oh how I wish you could taste what I just bit into this morning…since you can’t, I’ll show you what it looked like before I devoured it (with a little help from Twirl Girl, Lindley).

It’s a scrumptious combination of chocolate cake filled with raspberry gelato, all wrapped up in a beautiful layer of fondant resting on another thin layer of mouth-watering frosting. One word – YUM. I seriously could have eaten the whole thing myself. Thankfully, for my new year health kick, I held back. If you’re not a fan of fondant, they will do a mousse frosting instead, though the fondant is just too pretty to pass up in my opinion.

Most people know the Gelato Spot as just that – a place to grab some tasty gelato. It’s incredibly exciting that they have launched their wedding cake and dessert division, appropriately named “XOXO Bakery”. If you read our blogs regularly, you’ll know why Angela is dying over the name (her license plate even reads XOXO).

I am especially excited about these individual desserts – what an adorable presentation when throwing a bridal shower, or a bridal tea party the day before the wedding. I am going to the Gelato Spot on Shea tomorrow to pick some of these up for my mom’s birthday dessert, since I’m pretty sure they’ll look and taste better than the cake I would make out of the box.