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Introducing Guest Bloggers for Twirl Talk!  Our first guest is Corinna Cooke, renowned local make-up artist and all around fabulous gal!  We love following her blog and watching her valuable make-up tips on You Tube .


SUMMER MAKE-UP…and product discount.  🙂

Sometimes it can be tricky to navigate your way through looking fabulous our hot summer days, without looking overly made up. As the mercury starts climbing it’s time to change up your makeup routine, but which direction do you take?  Especially if you have events to attend where you need to look your gorgeous best.

 Today I’m going to tell you all about a couple of my favorite new products for the summer.

The first is a palette by movie makeup artist Julie Hewett, called the Zoe Palette.  This is a gorgeous and easy to use combination of eyeshadows, shimmer and a lip and cheek tint.  The Zoe Palette is Julie’s “Summer Goddess” quad, and is all you need for a delicious summer face. New Image











Vanilla is a matte bare color that you can use all over the eye, or just under the brow bone.
Dolce is a shimmery opalescent gold dust hue with undertones of pink velvet. So beautiful on your eyes, it wakes them up and brightens them. So very beautiful!
Cleo is a sultry bronze shimmer that you can use over your eyeshadows, blend onto cheekbones, or highlight your lips. (Pressing a little Cleo on top of any lip color brings it to life and makes it divinely summery)
Natural is a very sheer, tawny brown tint that compliments all skin tones. Use it to warm up your skin for a sun kissed look, or use it on your lips for a perfect nude color.

Julie paired the Zoe palette with a gorgeous lipgloss called Chloe. A soft tangerine hue that is beautiful on its own, but can also be modified with lipliners. (Sometimes I use Julie’s Nude Noir lipliner with Chloe to lend it a soft pink hue.)  The Zoe/Chloe combo is perfect for your summer make up look. Use it to enhance what you are already doing, or use it alone.


For those of you getting married, or in weddings this summer, it gives you the perfect summer face for all the events leading up to your wedding such as the rehearsal dinner, etc.
I am loving it also for all those beach/poolside/lake/river days where you want to look pretty, but not be wearing a full face of make up. I am also loving just wearing it around town and feeling (and looking) fresh faced.

Julie is in Georgia shooting the new Miley Cyrus movie (The Last Song) at the moment, but she has given me a discount code for all my blog readers!  And because I just love the ladies of Twirl, I am passing it on to you!

Just go my Zo Zo Zoe Fabulous post, or  Ooooh! Kiss Me Quick!s you scroll to the bottom you will see the link to take you into Julie’s website and the discount code to get 20% off anything and everything in her line!

How fabulous is that?

While you’re there, make sure you read Julie’s bio.  You will find half of your favorite movies there! Her story is fantastic, and you’ll see why I love her products so much!  With Zoe and Chloe up your sleeve you’ll be ready for everything that comes your way!  While you’re on her site, check out her other lipglosses for your bridesmaids and take advantage of the discount!

-Corinna Cooke