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Love love love this new line – just got the dresses this weekend for our Blush by JLM trunk show. They are so beautiful and affordable – come see!!!!


We had a blast at our Scottsdale Fashion Week runway show last Friday – the energy in the audience was amazing and our models rocked the runway.  We’re waiting for the DVD to share the whole show, but below is a quick preview with photos by Yeung Photography

We’d also like to thank some amazing industry friends for making our show a success, and for donating their talent.  The Agency Arizona provided our beautiful models, Pucci Salon made the models look runway ready with hair and make-up.  Liz Love jewelry adorned the girls, and Table Tops Floral Design provided the fresh and brilliant bouquets. 5K2G1854





Who doesn’t love olive oil?  If one of your bridesmaid duties is to help the bride and groom find a venue, I have a great find that you will impress them with.  The Queen Creek Olive Mill is  a unique wedding venue right in the East Valley’s backyard..  Located at the base of the San Tan Mountains you will find yourself surrounded by olive trees in an intimate setting. 


Not only do they accommodate weddings, they have a darling eatery called del Piero with a delicious menu.  It would be the perfect place to take your girl’s for breakfast or lunch  and surprise them, asking if they will be your bridesmaids.   A nice gift to include would be a “will you be my bridesmaid card,” a bottle of olive oil, and one of the Rea’s family recipes .  Or put together an olive oil bath and body gift set.



Whether you are looking for a special place to get married, or a unique and fun way to ask your girls to stand up with you, the Queen Creek Olive Mill is one I definitely recommend.  I’m planning a day trip with my husband. I just have to decide if I’m going for breakfast, lunch, or dessert amongst the trees.  I can’t wait!

We have a new weakness…now that we’ve settled into our new location in the Hilton Village, we are addicted to Humble Pie!    Though summer is almost over, we’ve been taking advantage of their $5 wines by the glass before 6pm during the week.  It’s the perfect end to a busy day at work.  Check it out – you’re sure to see us there after a busy day of work.  They’re $5 deal ends soon, so get in there.  🙂HPLOGO

Ok, now that I found last week’s entertainment on You Tube, I keep looking for other funny stuff about weddings and bridesmaids.  Though I would need several cocktails to get the guts up to do something like this, I love it!  Check it out here.


This takes the cake for the coolest thing we’ve seen in awhile.  At first, we were laughing – by the end, we were nearly crying.  Love love love in this room!

After a couple of years owning Twirl I started to notice when girls would describe their wedding and what they wanted their dresses to look like, I could guess which designer they would end up with.  I would say to myself, “she is a Thread girl,” or “she is a Jim Hjelm girl.” 

Certain designer’s dresses fit in beautifully for a specific taste and style.  For example, if you want a very simple and classic tea length dress I would guess you might find something from the designer Jenny Yoo.  If you were doing a black tie wedding and wanted floor length elegance, I would guess you would end up with Jim Hjelm.  

For fun, I created a quiz below so you can take the test and see what kind of designer you are?  Then check out our collections page at our website and see if you agree.  Enjoy!

  1.  I am having an outdoor or destination beach wedding.  I want dresses that are relaxed and comfortable.  My wedding will have a casual but romantic feel.  


       2.     I am having a formal black tie wedding.  I want dresses that are floor length and exude elegance.  My wedding is over the top, every detail will be exquisite.


        3.    I am having a classic wedding.  I want dresses that are chic and stylish.  My wedding will be unforgettable and timeless .


        4.I am having a non-traditional wedding.  The reception might be in a museum or art gallery.  I want dresses that scream cocktail fun and different.  My wedding will be one where everyone remembers what a      great time they had.


If you picked number 1:

You are a Thread  or Vineyard girl!  You are not fussy and are a people pleaser.  It is important that everyone has a good time.  You want your guest to have an experience.  You want nature to be a part of the wedding.  Your wedding is all about the love and romance you feel for your partner.

If you picked number 2:

You are a Jim Hjelm or Badgley Mischka girl!  You are ready to impress.  Every detail will be rich and formal.  Your guests will feel like celebrities.  Everything will be a little more special and extravagant at your wedding.

If you picked number 3:

You are a Melissa Sweet or Jenny Yoo girl!  You have been dreaming of your wedding since you were a little girl.  You know what you want, know your favorite color, and have a binder neatly organized with everything in it’s correct place.  You want your wedding to be memorable and want to include special details that tie in to your distinctive taste.

If you picked number 4:

You are a Simple SIlhouettes or Kathlin Argiro girl!  You have an artsy edge about you.  You don’t want what is typical and has already been done.  You want your individual and unique personality to shine through.  Your guests will leave thinking about how hip and cool your wedding was.  They will leave thinking they never went to a wedding like yours before.



The ladies of the uber-fabulous local magazine, Phoenix Bride and Groom, celebrated 10 years of success last week with an unforgettable party at the Arizona Grand ResortVictoria Canada planned the amazing event, and the Twirl Girls had a great time.  Our favorite new vendor….Flip Books!  We made two – so much fun for weddings!  We also loved the photo booth – as you can see below.  🙂




We can only give you the link….come on!  Sometimes it’s hard to believe these are real people.  If you are in a wedding, this is a good time to tell your (hopefully) sane bride how much you appreciate her.  Here is the link to “Bride Puts Bridesmaids on a Diet”.

We just got our new Mud Pie catalog and are dying over some of the new goods for bridal parties!  After Monday’s post, you hopefully have some ideas for throwing a fabulous shower.   Now check out some of these items that could help your shower look extremely original and uber-fabulous!