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Nicole and Rick were married at the gorgeous and trendy Hotel Valley Ho. The pictures were taken by Sergio Photographer and look absolutely flawless!

The girls wore Melissa Sweet (Style MS223) in Pinot Noir aka Black! Again, this is another case in which you can never go wrong with a “LBD”. The girls look incredible and the Paillette Trim at the bottom adds just enough sass. Love it!

Nicole was able to plan everything on her own… and did an amazing job! Great venue and a great looking bridal party!

We wish you both a lifetime of happiness. Thank you for sharing your day with Twirl

– Zoe


Andrea and CJ were married at the elegant Renaissance Hotel and Spa in Glendale.

The girls wore Vineyard dresses (Style 1408) and looked absolutely fabulous dawning the LBD “little black dress”!

Andrea planned the entire wedding and had “the best time ever” with both planning it and enjoying her wedding : )  Andrea received a helping hand from her uncle, John Constantakis whom did the photography.

Congratulations Andrea and CJ! Thank you for letting Twirl be part of your beautiful day!


– Zoe

With many weddings taking place in the fall or at an outside venue, let’s face it, fashionable bridesmaid dresses don’t always offer up the most warmth. The last thing you want to do is freeze in your strapless dress. Even in Arizona this can happen.  I remember my best friend’s wedding in Sedona during October we were all caught empty handed, freezing, once the sun went down.  We ended up wearing our guy’s suit jackets.  Not exactly the cutest alternative.

A way to avoid looking like a man and instead be fashionable/warm at the same time is to add a coordinating wrap.  I got married at the Desert Botanical Gardens and decided at the last minute to purchase wraps for all of my bridesmaids as gifts.  I was so thankful I did as everyone had the option to warm up a bit if necessary.  They even became a part of some really great dance moves as the night went on. 😉 

Many bridesmaid dress designers offer wraps in several fabric options, typically in chiffon, satin, or charmeuse.  If the fabric or color of your choice is not available as a wrap you can always order fabric then have it made.  Or, one of my favorite ideas is to go with a pashmina.  I pretty much take one to every wedding I attend.


After you choose your bridesmaid dress, keep in mind the venue and time of your wedding.  Don’t forget this important accessory and be left in the cold.


Brie and Jon were married at the gorgeous Reflections at the Buttes Venue in Tucson. The very entertaining, yet elegant and classic pictures were taken by Chris Richards of Chris Richards Photography.

The girls wore the Maria dress adorned by a Cornflower blue sash both by designer Charsa. The girls looked absolutely stunning in the dresses, as well as, the whole bridal party looked fabulous!

Brie did all of the planning all by herself and did an amazing job… especially with the pictures to prove it.

Congratulations Brie and Jon! We wish you a lifetime of happiness. Thank you for sharing your day with Twirl!!


– Zoe

My pick for dress of the week is by designer Priscilla of Boston, style PB311.  I love the floral detail on the neckline with just the sweetest amount of crystal jewels.  The full pleats make this dress fun and flirty.  I imagine it would look great on a bridal party in a vineyard or garden.  The dress retails for $248.00.

– Jenni

When my sister got married she had a destination wedding in Scotland.  She needed a dress that was easy to travel with, simple, yet elegant enough for a ceremony in castle ruins on the Isle of Skye.  She picked out the perfect alternative bridal dress.

My sister, Shelli and her husband, Gez

Alternative bridal suits the bride that is looking for something non-traditional.  It is a dress that is simple, understated and stylish.  Many bridesmaid dress designers offer alternative bridal.  Or, if available, you can choose a bridesmaid dress style and have it made in ivory or white.  What is great about alternative bridal is how inexpensive they can be when compared to some of the more popular traditional designer choices. 

These dresses are perfect for brides that have chosen a destination wedding, beach wedding, garden wedding or for those ladies that are simply looking for something different.  Listed below are some of our favorite alternative bridal designers. 

Nicole Miller
Coren Moore
Jenny Yoo

Lynn Lugo
Simple Silhouettes
Blush by JLM



When my sister planned her wedding the trend to let your bridesmaids choose their own style of dress was just starting.  She was a bride who wanted to make all of her girl’s happy and make the process as easy as possible.  So our instructions were to find a dress we wanted in any shade of purple.  Easy enough, we all thought.  What ended up happening however, was the opposite.  All of us bridesmaids had to coordinate with one another to make sure we didn’t wear the same style, or if we wore the same style, not the same color and so on.  Honestly it was a bit confusing and difficult to manage which was exactly what my sister did not want.  The end result however, looked beautiful, and this trend is here to stay. If you want your girl’s to shine in a style they love, below are some different ideas and tips to get exactly the look you are hoping for.

1.   Choose one dress shop for all the girl’s to go to.  Let the bridal party consultants do all the work.  At Twirl we help create your vision and make sure the girl’s don’t have to keep track of anything. 

 2.   Narrow it down to one designer, one fabric, one length, and one color.  This keeps the process as simple as possible and creates a look of different styles while at the same time upholds the consistency of all the other variables.



 3.   Shop before your girls and choose styles ahead of time.  There are several ways to go about it from here:         

  • Pick a style of dress and assign one to each girl. If you are someone who is great at knowing what looks great on each of your girl’s this will be easy for you.  My sister can always pick out what I like when we go shopping together – sometimes better than me!


  • Pick several (usually 3 is enough) different styles and let your girl’s choose.  You might end up with more girls in one style than the others and will need to be ok with that look.


  • Pick several different styles and ask your girl’s to rate their top three.  You can then assign each girl to be in a different style – no two girls alike.  Some may not get their top choice but you have picked out cute styles that everyone loves so it shouldn’t be a big deal .


4.  Choose a shade of color and let your girls have free reign.  Let them know it doesn’t matter if they are in the same style, not the same style, fabric or lengths.  They can do whatever they want. 



shellis bridesmaids

Isn’t my Dad cute in his Kilt? 


Who doesn’t love olive oil?  If one of your bridesmaid duties is to help the bride and groom find a venue, I have a great find that you will impress them with.  The Queen Creek Olive Mill is  a unique wedding venue right in the East Valley’s backyard..  Located at the base of the San Tan Mountains you will find yourself surrounded by olive trees in an intimate setting. 


Not only do they accommodate weddings, they have a darling eatery called del Piero with a delicious menu.  It would be the perfect place to take your girl’s for breakfast or lunch  and surprise them, asking if they will be your bridesmaids.   A nice gift to include would be a “will you be my bridesmaid card,” a bottle of olive oil, and one of the Rea’s family recipes .  Or put together an olive oil bath and body gift set.



Whether you are looking for a special place to get married, or a unique and fun way to ask your girls to stand up with you, the Queen Creek Olive Mill is one I definitely recommend.  I’m planning a day trip with my husband. I just have to decide if I’m going for breakfast, lunch, or dessert amongst the trees.  I can’t wait!

Bridesmaid bouquets are an important accessory that ties in a bride’s vision during the ceremony.  Flowers in a wedding may have sentimental value or help express emotions.  Many brides are straying from tradition when it comes to incorporating flowers in their wedding.  This includes the bouquets for your bridal party. 

Shawna Reed, owner and designer for one of our favorite florists in town, Your Event Florist, updated us on the trends for bridesmaid bouquets.  “ While hand tied bouquets are still the most common, some trends include monochromatic floral bouquets for each bridesmaid.  For example, an all rose bouquet for one, all mini calla lilies for another or let’s say all roses but different colors for each bridesmaid.”

 This trend lends to not only a unique look in bouquets for your wedding, it is also a nice way to tie in emotion.  When choosing different flowers, take into consideration your bridesmaid’s personalities and design around them.  On the day of your wedding, you can include a card to give to each of your girls that describes their arrangement and why you chose it for them.  For example, beautiful gardenias symbolize joy.  In your card let your maid of honor know that is what she represents to you in your life and explain all the reasons why.

 If you are a bride that wants the flowers in your wedding to represent feelings and emotions, we highly recommend checking out Your Event Florist.  There you will find a husband and wife team that truly cares about your wedding.  The designs are always customized to compliment the bride’s vision, taste and style.  They work personally with you to ensure the creation of distinctive designs, as unique as you, down to the smallest detail.  Visit their website and create a gift for your bridesmaids that they will never forget.



After a couple of years owning Twirl I started to notice when girls would describe their wedding and what they wanted their dresses to look like, I could guess which designer they would end up with.  I would say to myself, “she is a Thread girl,” or “she is a Jim Hjelm girl.” 

Certain designer’s dresses fit in beautifully for a specific taste and style.  For example, if you want a very simple and classic tea length dress I would guess you might find something from the designer Jenny Yoo.  If you were doing a black tie wedding and wanted floor length elegance, I would guess you would end up with Jim Hjelm.  

For fun, I created a quiz below so you can take the test and see what kind of designer you are?  Then check out our collections page at our website and see if you agree.  Enjoy!

  1.  I am having an outdoor or destination beach wedding.  I want dresses that are relaxed and comfortable.  My wedding will have a casual but romantic feel.  


       2.     I am having a formal black tie wedding.  I want dresses that are floor length and exude elegance.  My wedding is over the top, every detail will be exquisite.


        3.    I am having a classic wedding.  I want dresses that are chic and stylish.  My wedding will be unforgettable and timeless .


        4.I am having a non-traditional wedding.  The reception might be in a museum or art gallery.  I want dresses that scream cocktail fun and different.  My wedding will be one where everyone remembers what a      great time they had.


If you picked number 1:

You are a Thread  or Vineyard girl!  You are not fussy and are a people pleaser.  It is important that everyone has a good time.  You want your guest to have an experience.  You want nature to be a part of the wedding.  Your wedding is all about the love and romance you feel for your partner.

If you picked number 2:

You are a Jim Hjelm or Badgley Mischka girl!  You are ready to impress.  Every detail will be rich and formal.  Your guests will feel like celebrities.  Everything will be a little more special and extravagant at your wedding.

If you picked number 3:

You are a Melissa Sweet or Jenny Yoo girl!  You have been dreaming of your wedding since you were a little girl.  You know what you want, know your favorite color, and have a binder neatly organized with everything in it’s correct place.  You want your wedding to be memorable and want to include special details that tie in to your distinctive taste.

If you picked number 4:

You are a Simple SIlhouettes or Kathlin Argiro girl!  You have an artsy edge about you.  You don’t want what is typical and has already been done.  You want your individual and unique personality to shine through.  Your guests will leave thinking about how hip and cool your wedding was.  They will leave thinking they never went to a wedding like yours before.