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Oh how I wish you could taste what I just bit into this morning…since you can’t, I’ll show you what it looked like before I devoured it (with a little help from Twirl Girl, Lindley).

It’s a scrumptious combination of chocolate cake filled with raspberry gelato, all wrapped up in a beautiful layer of fondant resting on another thin layer of mouth-watering frosting. One word – YUM. I seriously could have eaten the whole thing myself. Thankfully, for my new year health kick, I held back. If you’re not a fan of fondant, they will do a mousse frosting instead, though the fondant is just too pretty to pass up in my opinion.

Most people know the Gelato Spot as just that – a place to grab some tasty gelato. It’s incredibly exciting that they have launched their wedding cake and dessert division, appropriately named “XOXO Bakery”. If you read our blogs regularly, you’ll know why Angela is dying over the name (her license plate even reads XOXO).

I am especially excited about these individual desserts – what an adorable presentation when throwing a bridal shower, or a bridal tea party the day before the wedding. I am going to the Gelato Spot on Shea tomorrow to pick some of these up for my mom’s birthday dessert, since I’m pretty sure they’ll look and taste better than the cake I would make out of the box.



The Wright House is another wonderful venue we have come to know since our new location in Chandler opened. It is located just off University Drive in Mesa, Arizona. I have actually had the pleasure of attending a friend’s wedding here… so I can honestly say, first hand, that it is amazing.

The location for their ceremony is just beautiful. It is a very romantic setting. The room they use for the reception is also very elegant and different. It is basically a stand alone, large room that you enter from the court-yard, and it is raised up by a couple steps and has the apperence of a cute house with a wrap-around pourch. The wedding I attended was larger, so there were round tables for dinner both inside and all along the porch. It was just wonderful.

I love love love this place!

xoxo *Angela

Another hidden treasure I have come across since our move to Chandler is the Ocotillo Golf Resort.

Being that we live in Arizona, Golf Courses are not hard to come by. There is just something about this venue though, that stands out to me (could be in part to the AMAZING staff). For the guys of the wedding party, this golf resort offers 27 holes of golf (which I am told is a rather big deal! Not being a golfer myself, I have to go with what I am told). But for the ladies, as well as the weddings, you just can’t go wrong. There are several locations available on the property to hold both the ceremony as well as the reception. Each can be made as unique as the bride and groom.

A sunset in Arizona is almost always breathtaking. Ocotillo Golf Resort in Chandler, Arizona… need I say more?

Happy Holidays to you all!

xoxo *Angela

I found another venue treasure: Stonebridge Manor.

Yes, it actually looks that fabulous. The Victorian look this venue has isn’t something that is often found in Arizona. Stonebridge Manor has many different ways to make each wedding unique. You can do a front yard ceremony with the reception in the ballroom or on the front patio, or you can do a backyard ceremony with the reception in a gorgeous tent. Those are just two of the more popular layouts a bride and groom have to choose from.

Aside from looking beautiful during the day, the entire manor is covered with white lights that look amazing @ night fall.

When it comes to bridesmaid dresses for this venue, I really feel that all colors and styles can work. I personally like the idea of short, bright-colored dresses for a spring wedding and long, very romantic dresses for a fall wedding. This venue really can capture the exact look the bride and groom are looking for.

I love love love this venue and I feel that all engaged couples should at least go take a tour. Happy Wedding venue hunting!!

xoxo *Angela

Villa Siena is another beautiful venue we have come across since the opening of  Twirl Chandler. It is a privately owned venue that opened it’s doors  in 2004. As you walk the halls of this spectacular venue it is easy to take notice of all the beautiful details that make up this stunning venue. The same amazing room can be transformed to fit the romantic feeling that each bride and groom dreams of for their wedding. The details that went into creating this venue do not go unnoticed.

When I think of bridesmaid dresses for this venue, long and formal come to mind. I feel the elegance that is undoubtedly present @ Villa Siena can most appropriately be matched by long, formal bridesmaid dresses. Now, this could partly be because we  just recently had a Twirl bride send us pictures from her wedding @ Villa Siena. Aside from the bride looking gorgeous, the bridesmaid dresses she chose for her girls (both full length and formal) could not have been better. The look the bride created with these dresses topped off this already beautiful wedding.

The romance that comes to life inside these walls is remarkable. Villa Siena truly does bring Italy to Gilbert, AZ.

xoxo *Angela

Introducing Venue Talk!  We thought it would be fun to use Thursdays to talk about the fabulous venues we have discovered near our Twirl locations.   Since Twirl Chandler  just opened this summer, we’ve been cruising around town and have found some unique venues for weddings and for bridal party events.

The first one I just can’t get enough of is Inspirador.

Inspirador is located in the heart of downtown Chandler on Boston Street. It is described as “hip yet historic” and is a gorgeous venue that is as unique as it is modern. Each and every event is tailored to fit the characteristics of the host… or in our case… the bride and groom. You start with a clean slate and create your dream wedding. The isle of poetry alone is like nothing I have ever seen. The bride walks down an isle dressed with amazing romantic quotes of all kinds (that’s just one option…which happens to be my favorite).

Photo by Kelvin Photographer

One of the things I love most about this amazing venue is how our Twirl brides approach it. Believe it or not, we do occasionally have brides concerned about needing their bridesmaid dresses to match their venue. That is one thing a bride would never have to worry about when it comes to Inspirador. The color choices are endless. They do literally give you a white canvas of which to create your dream wedding. How cool is that!

Thank you to Inspirador for letting us in on the secret of  just how fabulous you are! 🙂

xoxo Angela